Although our winery is relatively young, both its name and its location are impregnated with centuries of history.

If you look up «pincerna» in the dictionary, you will discover that it was the person in charge of serving wine to his master. Wow, we could say that it is a sommelier from the Middle Ages.

Coincidentally, years ago when we were thinking of a name for our wines, a friend whos is a Professor of History at the University of Valladolid, told us about this medieval figure. We immediately decided to adopt Pincerna as the name of our wines and winery.

Shortly after, we discovered that in the year 1032, the last king of León, Vermudo III, gave away the lands of Villa Cesam and all its vineyards to his faithful pincerna, called Fáfila Pétriz, so that he could continue making the best wine of the kingdom. Second coincidence! Our albarín vineyards are located in Villacezán, exactly in the same land. It was clear that the name Pincerna was destined for us, and as a form of gratitude, one of our best whites will be called Fáfila Pétriz.

Castle of Grajal de Campos

The town where the winery is located also has a few centuries of history, as Pincerna is located at the entrance of Grajal de Campos. A very small town with two buildings of great historical value that deserve to be visited. The Palacio de los Vega, an authentic jewel from the 16th Century and a perfect example of Italian rennaisance style. Also from the 16th Century, you can find an impressive military construction considered to be the first artillery castle in Spain.

Palacio de los Vega

Needless to say, as entrepreneurs, as farmers and as neighbors, we are strongly committed to the recovery and promotion of this historical heritage. In fact, some of our tastings are held in the impressive cloister of the palace… Want to visit us?